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What is The ArtGap?

The ArtGap is an art club for children from age 6. 

The majority of the art sessions are inspired by famous artists and their artworks. The children are encouraged to try all new techniques and methods shown to them. The sessions aim to build on your childʼs confidence by developing various art skills using many different art materials, some of them unconventional. The children are encouraged to share their own ideas and are taught that a mistake in art is not a bad thing, instead, it is a moment to reflect and adapt. I am committed to providing valuable art experiences for children. I aim to promote art education as a tool for developing creative and innovative thinking as well as to support their social development and well-being.

We do not have any sessions running at the moment, but please check back as we have some ideas brewing.

How will your child benefit from the art sessions?

“A line is a dot taken for a walk” - Paul Klee

Children will learn about famous artists and their artworks.

They will learn about different art forms and techniques. 

Learn to trust their own decisions about colour and composition. 

They will learn to think about alternative solutions.

They will learn that most mistakes are opportunities to discover.

They will learn to take risks through experimentation.

Art encourages creativity, reflective thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Art allows the child to believe in themselves and creates a sense of well-being and achievement.

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