I created this socially distanced mural with my son's Year 6 school group. Their last year of primary school did not end in the way that it was supposed to, but I made sure that they could leave behind a little something of themselves.

During lockdown I had each child design three rectangles made out of cereal box card. Each rectangle had a different

theme. I asked them to design a blue rectangle for the school's colour. The second rectangle depicts a favourite memory, or subject of school and the third rectangle is a poem about school or a positive word or message for the other year groups to read when school returns.

I was overwhelmed by the rectangles I received, which were all safely collected in a little box when the year 6's returned to school a few weeks back. I have always enjoyed working with the school children of Didsbury Road Primary as they always put so much thought into the work they create.


This mural is a wonderful memory of what life at Didsbury Road Primary is like and it just shows that it's a fantastic school and the children really enjoy school life.  

If you know of a primary school that would like such a mural doing then please do get in touch by sending an email to 



Some further examples of my work and murals can be found at www.toubiejack.com

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