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January is Portraiture Month

Taking place every Monday at the Heaton Mersey Community Centre from 3:45 pm.

13 January: A dotty portrait -  taking inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein's "Stepping Out" painting, the children will create their own primary colour portrait using paint, markers and dotty stickers.

Materials of the week - paint, markers and stickers


20 January: Acetate portraits -  this week the children will learn about Andy Warhol and his simplification of portraits using acetate and markers.

Materials of the week - acetate, markers and paint 

27 January: Paper portraits - can the children take inspiration from a pile of paper and apply it with glue to make an abstract self-portrait.

Materials of the week - paper and glue

All materials and messy shirts will be provided.

The cost per week is only £7 per child.

Or £21 for the month.

To go ahead and book a place please click the link below.

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