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Rhyming Days Of November

During November 2019 I decided to have a bit of fun with words that rhyme with November. Each Monday saw a new rhyming topic.

4 November: TOGETHER NOVEMBER - a project to explore new friendships as we start the new month at The ArtGap.

Materials of the week - pastels and clay

11 November: INVENTOR NOVEMBER - this week the children will learn about the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

Materials of the week - ink pen and pencils

18 November: WHATEVER NOVEMBER - an introduction to experimental art. If you give children paint and alternative painting implements what happens? What patterns and textures can be created? An exciting what happens session.

Materials of the week - paint and alternative paintbrushes

25 November: REMEMBER NOVEMBER - kite making as we remember and use some of the techniques learnt over the previous three sessions.

Materials of the week -pastel, pen, pencil and paint

November was a month of inventing and discovering. The children learnt a variety of art techniques and methods had lots of fun with the fun art sessions. They made their own fun kites to take home and play with.

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